Automotive Refinishing

Known also as ‘Spray Painting’. One of the most important steps in the accident repair process.

We use all the top products and equipment to ensure your vehicles paint finish maintains or exceeds original manufacturers standards.

Our painters are fully qualified and regularly attend training/new product launches ensuring we keep up with ever changing technology.

All work is carried out in a fully downdraft spray bake oven. This allows us to replicate factory paint finishes. We are also doing our bit for the environment by using water based paint and recycling as many waste materials as possible. We are one of only a handful of business’s in New zealand using this waterborne technology. We have a Spectrophotometer to help us match your vehicles colour also. This machine takes a five angled reading of your paint surface and picks the closest formula of the colour. Ensuring a top quality match every time.
We have been known from time to time to paint all sorts of random things other than cars too. Kitchens, boats, gates and glass to name a few. You would be surprised what we can do with our products.

No job's too big or too small….. call us today for a free quote!

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Opening hours Monday to Friday 8am until 4.30pm

PHONE 04 568 4837